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Credit Card Purchase


Hourly retainer agreements are considered "the norm" in the legal industry.  Your attorney will let you know how much he or she charges per hour. You then pay a large lump sum into a trust account, and the attorney bills hourly against the trust account. Once your trust is depleted, you will need to deposit additional money into the account until the legal services are completed. You realize you have entered into a retainer agreement with no more than a nebulous estimate of how many hours your matter will require to resolve. You find yourself spending exponentially more than you anticipated. Your matter is not resolved, but your funds are depleted. Your attorney withdraws from your case because you can no longer pay, and you're left without representation or the money the retain a new attorney.


Well...We don't do the "norm" here at Shannon Davis Legal. We'd never advise a client to sign a contract or make a purchase without understanding the price. That's why you will always receive a flat fee quote after a formal consultation. You'll know exactly what you'll need to pay. Our word is bond. 

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